Home Automation

Interior designers in delhi suggests automation,which is on the rise,
for residential or commercial projects and is inevitable in the foreseeable future.

Home automation system

In today’s fast moving digitized era, home automation has become a necessity for higher requirements of personal and professional efficiency as it essentially add convenience,comfort, and peace of mind.

Home automation in India comprises of four functions: Lighting, security, Audio/Video and HVAC ( heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Best interior designers in delhi says, ” Security is the largest component of the commercial market, whereas lighting is the largest component of the residential market.

You can decide to automate your entire office/home or simply incorporate some features, depending on one’s budget.

Interior designers suggest that automation is a great way to make your office or home more functional and convenient.

In today’s world, there are many wireless technologies available which includes, bluetooth, wi-fi, zigbee etc.

The adoption of these wireless technologies for connectivity has boosted the home automation market.

Home automation designs

To sum up, home automation has changed the lifestyle of people and saves lot of time and energy which otherwise can be used in more productive tasks.

The best interior designers in delhi, provide you with best interior services and incorporate the concept of automation when your space is being designed.

best interior designs
Best interior designers

Shabad interiors provide following services at reasonable prices: home interior designs, office interiors, salon interiors, farmhouse interiors, corporate interiors, commercial interiors, retail interiors.

We provide turnkey services and consultancy services with best designs and prices in the industry.

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Indian interior designs


The interiors concept majorly encompasses the strategy of imparting massiveness to a space and creating the illusion of ” NO BARRIERS”.

In India, with the introduction of French doors and windows is one of the main factors in the success stories of interiors. The bestinterior designer in delhi helps you achieve best interiors.

concept by shabad interiors
Interior design concepts

Other decor assets like flight of birds installed along the wall of staircase, subtly introduces the idea of verticality.

In short, the additional spaces have been persuaded by the perception of the user of the particular realm.

The interior designer in delhi believes in being sensitive to the client’s intelligence and hence has tried to evoke their personalities through their respective spaces.

At the onset of space design, we stumble upon the entrance door that is done with a combination of light and dark veneer.

It provides the entrance of the apartment an aura dipped in modernist approach.

The little entrance lobby provides an impeccable transition arena before one delves into the primary zones.

The interior designer then moves on into the grandeur of the common living and dining area.

Interior designs of common area

Seperated from the entrance lobby by a series of blinds, the enormity of this space is enveloped in a similar minimalist approach, using pure white tones blended with clouded greys.

The dining area can have a false ceiling that is harmonically complemented on a wall panelling in the living area.

Dining room designs by the designer

Being brimmed with a variety of kitchen appliances, the best interior designer in delhi will provide an open window to provide visual connectivity with the dining space and is also in line with the current kitchen concept.

Kitchen interior designs
Kitchen Interior designer

Now we move to the guest area, where we would like to see our special guests- living room designs. Using subtle complements, this realm has a defined ambiance that it sets the individual in.

Living room interior designs

Moving to the most crucial and luxurious realms of the composition, one can see three bedrooms accost the route.

The master bedroom design, flourished with the effect of light and shadow, possess floor to ceiling windows that add up to the ambiance.The interiors of the master bedroom designed by the best interior designers in delhi 

Master bedroom designs by interior designer

This design facets elements including steel and glossy metallic finishes.

The interior designer in delhi focus mainly on the design aspect along with the client requirement and choice.

The kids room interiors has been designed keeping in view the requirement of the kids while maintaining the kids theme throughout in the room.

Going beyond conventional patterns, “innovation” is what this project resonates.

To sum up, if you are looking to design your dream home at reasonable prices and with utmost professionalism trust only Shabad Interiors- the best interior designer in delhi.

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Tips for office interiors

An office is a place where we spend most of the day, 8-10 hours. So the interior of the office should be very pleasing and comfortable, an environment which will compel all the office staff to work to the fullest of their efficiency. This will help not only the growth of the staff but also the organisation.

Office bay area designs by the hinterior designer in delhi

Director’s Cabin

  • Place from where the life of office begins,we the interior designers in delhi design the Director’s Cabin in such a way that it lifts him up in confidence.
  • The different colour combinations on the walls, with an impressive ceiling and soothing flooring with a green plant inside the cabin makes the environment soothing and pleasant for working in the office.
  • Director always has to be focused in his vision so we design this space with minimum noise level concepts
  • This is the place where all high end clients come so we design this cabin according to business needs and one can some lavish elements in the cabin.

Manager’s Area

  • Manager’s job is to manage this team so we design his area on practical basis where everything comes handy to him
  • We design his office near to his connected team lead so that reporting can speed up.
  • Air conditioning & Lighting of the cabin plays equally important role when efficiency is concerened, the space should be designed on standards
  • The good office interiors in delhi make the place inspiring and gives a pleasant atmosphere.
office interiors by the interior designers

Staff Bay

  • We design staff bay in peppy character, as adding little humour always increases the productivity.
  • The best office interior designer in gurgaon design workdesk & chair space in such a way that circulation should never become problem.
  • Chair is most important when come to long sitting postures, we choose it on maximum comfort basis.
  • We design lockers for them.
  • Of course aesthetics is our expertise

Conference Room

  • We design Conference room in combo of high class sophistication & elegance.
  • We design conference room near to reception lobby yet segregated in silence.
  • Big decisions are always taken in big conference halls so we design the space with good sound insulation.
  • The office interior designers in noida design it as heart of the office

It is always not necessary to have a big office space; small office can be well design and have good office interiors so that all the things are handy and are comfortable for working.

The office should have desk which is mounted to wall and cabinets beneath to it, and adjacent to it big racks to and smart lighting thus making perfect atmosphere for working.

Here, the interior designers of delhi offers you best interior services in delhi at very reasonable prices.We offer interior services like turnkey interior projects and consultancy interior projects.

office interior designs by shabadinteriors

Our USP is 100% customer satisfaction and timely delivery of our turnkey projects. We design and implement office interiors in a perfect way with rigorous deadlines and immense pressure.

Thus, interiors of office plays a very important role in the overall growth of an organisation. We, the top interior designers in delhi are competent enough to design any space and thus make it designer one,which is functional and practical.

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Tips for designing bedroom by the designer shabad interiors.

Interiors is all about Physcology and Passion

Today in the hustle of our busy lives, we are faced with various forms of stress that ultimately wind up invading our personal spaces too.

Your home is where you relax, feel comfortable and get recharged to face each new day.

How you design your home is basically your physiology, how you perceive things.

For someone white is a natural and soothing color, while for others white is a very basic color and doesn’t create any interest .

These kind of people opt for dark and bright colors. Ultimately, no one is wrong. Everyone has their own choice.

The role of interior designer is to inculcate the interior designs keeping in mind the thought process of the client, his personality and lifestyle.

Ultimately who is going to use that space.

Your bedroom is the place you retire to at the end of each day and it’s also where you begin your day.

So making it a cushion of rest and relaxation that calms you after a long day, as well as revitalizes you to face the challenges of your day, is exactly what you need.

There are endless ways to achieve this and we have outlined the basics and other tips to start you off in the right direction.

  1. Outside View- This is the most important point while designing a new bedroom or refurbishing the old one. One feels great when you wake up in the morning and natural light comes into the room . Open space gives a feeling of freshness in the morning.
  2. Cut the Clutter: Look around your room and look for unused things. These unused things create clutter and leave a negative impact on the mind. To create peace in your mind its important to de-clutter the room and remove these unwanted articles which you have not used in the past. Organise your room in such a way that no unnecessary article should be seen around. Just the basic stuff and some artifacts to decorate your room will do.
  3. Colour Combination: Give a deep thought for the colour combinations that you like. Look into your surrondings to see the colour combination that you see around. Very carefully choose the right colour for your room. Going with neutral palette is always a excellent choice, but you can also opt for dark shades as per your liking. With neutral colors, choice of linens and drapes is much easier. But it is always best to mix and match. You can choose to experiment with different colors, patterns, textures and designs. Fusion of dark colors, patterns and different textures will give your space a classy and vintage look. The trends which used to be famous decade ago are coming back and with your creativity you can have a fusion of vintage and modern.
  4. You Can Make Your Room More Private: Make sure the door of the bedroom is not visible from the living room or family room. This will give lot of comfort to the user.
  5. Proper Circulation Space: The bedroom should have proper moving space. These days it is a challenge, as the rooms have door to go to balcony and a door to the toilet , which makes a total of 3 doors in a room. So in such a case, there should be proper circulation space.
  6. Make Your room cozy: The ambiance of your bedroom should always be such that it naturally allows to grow spiritually. Make sure your bedroom doesn’t smell. You can introduce some fragrance in your room. Depending on your choice use some fragrance in your room so that when you enter your room you will love to be there.
  7. No tech zone- Today in this busy world, we spend the whole day at work and spend lot of time on computers and phones. So when we come home and relax we should spend time with our family and make our bedroom completely no-tech zone. Using Mobile phones at night has harmful effects on your health. The cell phones pump out electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on which can lead to several sleep disorders and in some cases may lead to depression.
  8. Lighting- There should be proper lighting in the room so that one feels comfortable when you get in the room. Different lights can be used for different moods. For study you need bright white light. But when you go to bed diffused light should be used. To create romance, yellow dim lights can be used. This way one can play with lights for different moods.

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Our aim is to create beautiful and unique homes designed for living. We have an amazing talented team whose passion is to create simply fabulous designs.

With years of experience combined with excellent taste and paying attention to detail have produced a trail of satisfied clients and 2019 promises more of the same.

Quality and creativity are clearly evident in every project.

Before designing any space the most important thing is to understand the usage of the space and hence the ambience required by the client.

We ensure that the project is completed with the client’s choice and not the interior designer’s choice.

As an interior designer, our job is to enhance the choice of our customer and complete the project with best of designs, quality and functionality, which is always appreciated by the customers.

” We have the clients with us who once connects and stays with us forever.”

Designer Bedroom-Interior designer Delhi
Bedroom Interior Designs by Shabad Interiors

Office Interiors in 2019

Designers, at Shabad Interiors designs a contemporary office whose interiors reflect the grandeur of a luxury-star hotel, but in keeping with the linear anatomy and structure required in a modern corporate office environment.

Contemporary office designs

Advanced technologies with function driven planning are achieved with efficient barrier free design ideology with sleek decor patterns.

The interiors make igneous use of light and shadow and creative use of materials and textures.

best interior designer in delhi/ncr
sleek interior designs

Sleek furniture and efficient function driven planning tools accomplish the desired visual appeal while prioritizing comfort as the key motive of the work space design.

A function oriented setup has been computed instead of a rigid cabin format to establish an interactive office ambiance.

Soothing lights add a quaint and gentle aura, while natural light filters through a wide glass facade.

Elegant interior designs

This office has been designed to define spaces with minimum ostentation.Massive columns demarcate the cubicles or are concealed inside service shafts along the central spine.

MD Cabin

An interior designing firm with focus on best interior services withing the stipulated time and budget.

At Shabad interiors, we offer the following services at very competitive prices. office interior designers in delhi, home interior designers, corporate interior designers, salon interior designers, retail interior designers, turnkey interior projects, consultancy interior projects.

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We provide only quality services at affordable prices. We are the leading and best interior company located in Delhi.

office interior designer in delhi
office interior designs

So if you are looking for professional interior designer services for your newly bought home or apartment or Office you are at the right place. Contact us at 9810681281 or log on to www.shabadinteriors.com for more details.

Interior Trends For 2019 in India

Interior designing is the creative part which can make your space look attractive and functional.

As we have entered 2019, it looks very promising in term of interior design trends. The designers at Shabad Interiors are very excited to share new ideas and designs through thier projects as per the lifestyle and choice of the client.

The main idea is to use different materials by using simple accents, subtle color and creative statement that makes the difference.

There are some trends which were there in 2018 and will continue this year, whereas there are some trends that have been slowly developing may finally go mainstream.

The interior trend for 2019 will be more about mixing and matching with the color and texture of furniture, flooring, wall, ceiling to warm up objects.

The other fact is that interior built on foundation of white brings fresh, bold and youthful atmosphere or mixing of tiles that contrast with each other will cheers and relaxes spaces..

Furniture Designs by Shabadinteriors
Furniture Designers

Lightning is a key element of the interior design of office or interior design of showroom or interior design of home . It can totally make or break a given space.A decorative lighting scheme has variation in the light that indicate the focal point of living space.

Designer Living room

Windows and doors are also part of day to day culture. An extensive collection of doors and windows is available which suits every individual requirement.

These days, UPVC doors and windows have stepped in. UPVC doors and windows is in current trend as the material is sustainable and eco freindly.

Also it seals the dust and noise from outside, which is a great factor in India. These doors and windows do not allow dust to penetrate inside.

Another benefit of using UPVC windows is that it allows for better penetration of more daylight.

There are different kinds of upvc windows as per the choice and requirement of the client.

For balcony doors bifold upvc and sliders can be used. It can also be used in windows. The entrance door can also be designed in Upvc.

Here is where you need a interior designer who can design as per your needs and designs.

Concept: The concept encompasses the strategy of imparting massiveness to a space and creating the illusion of ‘no barriers’.

To add up to the core concept, the additional spaces should be persuaded by the perception of the user of the particular realm.

The design team at ShabadInteriors believes in being sensitive to the client’s acumen and hence has tried to evoke their personalities through their respective spaces.

Cut the Clutter:  Clear all surface by clutter. Remove the unnecessary objects or keep it inside. A neat and clean look with neutral colors on wall, looks the best.

Just a silk rug or an expensive piece of decoration on the corner or a designer bed cover will do it all. Don’t overdo the room with much stuff.

Tropical Homes: This concept is inspired by nature, where interior interacts with outdoors. It is designed in respect with straight lines and open spaces.

As you enter the house, with garden spaces all around enabling a good flow of light into the home giving ample breathing space in the living area. on top of it, the double height dining area is perfect aided with concoction of indoors and outdoors coming across through the glazed framing overlooking the trees in the podium garden.

The open kitchen attached to the dining area also adds as a element creating an eye pleasing space.

While going up, one can see the designed staircase. It occupies a prominent central location in the house.The variation of color on the wooden flooring act as a highlight.

Tropical Home Staircase Shabadinteriors

Approaching to the private space above, luxurious bedrooms are designed with focus on natural material.

To bring the look and feel of tropics, material like rough cuts stone, heavy grained timber and bamboo have been used.

The stone backdrop of the wall resting the head of the master bed is a modern rustic design, lending a touch of natural texture to a contemporary space.

Shabad Interiors is an interior design firm based in Delhi, India. We are her to share anything happening in the interior design world.

We offer the following services at very reasonable prices all over India: home interiors, flat interiors, bunglow interiors, farmhouse interiors, office interiors, corporate interiors, commercial interiors, retail interiors, restaurant interiors, salon interiors.

Be it any requirement we provide best services in the industry with best prices. We are also the furniture designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture and supply it all over India.

With over 16 years of experience we have completed many projects which gives us the confidence and expertise in designing the projects.

We take up projects on turnkey basis and consultancy basis and give unique designs to our customers.

Bedroom Designs by Shabad Interiors

For more details visit our website at www.shabadinteriors.com or call us at 9810681281.