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3 Interior design ideas to make your office the dream workplace for all!

The year 2020 and 2021 have been a rollercoaster ride for all. From a sudden switch to the work-from-home phenomenon to employees feeling unmotivated due to the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a major concern for companies to keep their employees happy and motivated during such turbulent times.

With more aggressive and rapid vaccination drives, a ray of hope has emerged and it is believed that sooner than soon, our lives will be back to normal. We will all be able to go to the office, see our colleagues, get back to our social life, and much more. However, keeping the right office environment is more important than ever now–especially after what everyone has been through during the scary 2nd wave India witnessed this year.

With employees slowly returning to office premises, companies need to design the office in such a way that it not only keeps their employees motivated but also makes them happy. If this pandemic has made us realize anything, it is that happiness and peace matter the most. If you are happy, you will automatically be motivated to do better work and perform better at your workplace.

You will be surprised to know that a recent study by the UK government shows that companies with low workplace design employee engagement suffer from an operating income that is 32.7% lower than companies with better engagement scores. Now, this is a big number and should concern companies who do not have an employee-friendly structure and design.

These tips will help you incorporate the right office design strategy that will make your office environment so positive and productive that it will become the dream workplace for all your present and aspiring employees.

Bring nature indoors through Biophilic design: It’s 2021 and nothing makes a place look and feel better other than nature. Several architects and designers have been suggesting the biophilic design for companies as Biomimicry imitates nature and provides both sustainable solutions for employees and enhances their mood at the same time. Adding green vertical decor to the office wall will also help as it provides refreshing oxygen along with a mesmerizing visual effect. It is not only healthy and better for the employees and office environment but will also contribute to the world outside.

Hot desking office rooms: For the uninitiated, hot-desking office rooms are the ones with no permanent desks. The desks are not specifically designated or assigned to employees. This allows them to work from anywhere they feel like–the booths, lounges, conference room, or the table. This allows employees to choose the most creative spaces for meetings and brainstorming. Their brain associates that place with active implication and focus, leading to better productivity and brings out their creative side. It also doesn’t restrict them to a certain place, so they can feel more at home as well as comfortable.

Go the Danish way: Did you know that Denmark is one of the top happiest countries in the world? You know why? One of the reasons is that they believe in the hygge living concept. The hygge living concept refers to emphasizing atmosphere and experience rather than things. For example,

-Make small areas for each employee to personalize in any way. You can also give them a boost by handing blankets.
-You can include a music background built around a relaxing and calming music playlist.
-Organize informal team buildings by encouraging them to work together and understand the importance of being a team player with interesting games and activities.

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