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DIY Interior Designing – 3 ways you add a Boho-look to your home

Books, dreamcatchers, dim lamps, rugs, floor pillows. We usually own these things or have them in some corner of our home. However, how many times have you thought that you can actually do something with these items and turn them into decorative pieces for your home, style them as per your choice and create a whole new different look for your apartment? Well, better late than never!

If you want your home to be full of life, art, and culture, then choose the Bohemian style design for your home. And you know what’s the best catch? That you do not have to spend a fortune to create a Boho-style look in your home. You do not need fancy style or Italian furniture; all you need are some artistic things that will change the way everyone will look at your home.

Bohemian style design truly changes the vibe of your home. It makes it cosier, add a unique touch. It is an exotic style of decorating your room or home, giving it an unusual, unique charm. It makes the space feel more relaxed, more spiritual and above all—artistic. Art is present in our daily lives, in everything we do, so why not incorporate it where we live?

Boho designing rules:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Feel relaxed
  3. Get scrappy

Now let’s create a Boho Chic Style for your home

1) Bohemian decor essentials:  The first step to creating a Boho-style home is to place decorative items and materials such as:

  • Hanging or butterfly chairs (wooden)
  • Rugs and floor cushions
  • Flowers (in corners)
  • Books (you can also add a bookshelf displaying all your books)
  • Macramé Wall Decorations
  • Indoor Plants & Succulents
  • Embroidered Boho bedding (with colourful patterns)
  • Wall decor such as woven baskets
  • Rattan furniture

2) The correct Boho colours: Every interior designing style has its own colours. Colours that reflect your persona, that define your space, that add a vibrant or say subtle look to your home. Although there are no such colour rules when it comes to boho-style design, its always good to have earthy colours if you want an authentic boho-look that takes you all the way back to the 1800s. You can pick colours such as:

(For base colours)

  • Greys
  • Greens
  • Dark browns


  • Bright orange
  • Electric blue
  • Sea green

3) Lighting: A perfect bohemian style design requires ambient lighting. A perfect bohemian style design requires ambient lighting. A kind of lighting that will give you a calm, relaxed vibe, making your home more welcoming. Use dim lights, vintage table lamps, candles, and lanterns to unify your Boho home.

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