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Interior Trends For 2019 in India

Interior designing is the creative part which can make your space look attractive and functional.

As we have entered 2019, it looks very promising in term of interior design trends. The designers at Shabad Interiors are very excited to share new ideas and designs through their projects as per the lifestyle and choice of the client.

The main idea is to use different materials by using simple accents subtle color and a creative statement that makes the difference.

There are some trends which were there in 2018 and will continue this year, whereas there are some trends that have been slowly developing may finally go mainstream.

The interior trend for 2019 will be more about mixing and matching with the color and texture of furniture, flooring, wall, ceiling to warm up objects.

The other fact is that interior built on the foundation of white brings fresh, bold and youthful atmosphere or mixing of tiles that contrast with each other will cheers and relaxes spaces.

Lightning is a key element of the interior design of an office or the interior design of showroom or the interior design of the home It can totally make or break a given space. A decorative lighting scheme has a variation in the light that indicates the focal point of living space.

These days, UPVC doors and windows have stepped in. UPVC doors and windows are in the current trend as the material is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Also, it seals the dust and noise from outside, which is a great factor in India. These doors and windows do not allow dust to penetrate inside.

Another benefit of using UPVC windows is that it allows for better penetration of more daylight.

  • Window with grill by shabadinteriors.com
  • Balcony window by shabadinteriors.com
  • Entrance door by shabadinteriors.com
  • Balcony bifold doors by shabadinteriors.com
  • balcony sliding doors by

There are different kinds of UPVC windows as per the choice and requirement of the client.

For balcony doors, bifold UPVC and sliders can be used. It can also be used in windows. The entrance door can also be designed in Upvc.

Here is where you need an interior designer who can design as per your needs and designs.

Concept: The concept encompasses the strategy of imparting massiveness to space and creating the illusion of ‘no barriers’.

To add up to the core concept, the additional spaces should be persuaded by the perception of the user of the particular realm.

The design team at ShabadInteriors believes in being sensitive to the client’s acumen and hence has tried to evoke their personalities through their respective spaces.

Cut the Clutter:  Clear all surface by clutter. Remove the unnecessary objects or keep them inside. A neat and clean look with neutral colors on the wall looks the best.

Just a silk rug or an expensive piece of decoration on the corner or a designer bed cover will do it all. Don’t overdo the room with much stuff.

Tropical Homes: This concept is inspired by nature, where interior interacts with outdoors. It is designed with respect to straight lines and open spaces.

As you enter the house, with garden spaces all around enabling a good flow of light into the home giving ample breathing space in the living area. on top of it, the double height dining area is perfectly aided with a concoction of indoors and outdoors coming across through the glazed framing overlooking the trees in the podium garden.

The open kitchen attached to the dining area also adds as an element creating an eye-pleasing space.

While going up, one can see the designed staircase. It occupies a prominent central location in the house. The variation of color on the wooden flooring act as a highlight.

Approaching to the private space above, luxurious bedrooms are designed with a focus on natural material.

To bring the look and feel of tropics, material like rough cuts stone, heavy grained timber and bamboo have been used.

The stone backdrop of the wall resting the head of the master bed is a modern rustic design, lending a touch of natural texture to a contemporary space.

Shabad Interiors is an interior design firm based in Delhi, India. We are here to share anything happening in the interior design world.

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Be it any requirement we provide best services in the industry with the best prices. We are also the furniture designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture and supply it all over India.

With over 16 years of experience, we have completed many projects which give us the confidence and expertise in designing the projects.

We take up projects on turnkey basis and consultancy basis and give unique designs to our customers.

For more details visit our website at www.shabadinteriors.com or call us at +91 9810681281.

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