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Planning your Dream Home and got Vastu on your mind? Here’s how it can change your life for the better

Home is the safest place. The place where our family is. Where we sleep, eat, and get ready for the daily struggles of life. Home is where we live, and hence it plays the most major role in our lives. The interiors of one’s home have a direct impact on the people living in it. Especially the Vastu. It holds a very important role for our living. It is the ancient Sanskrit science of designing your home in harmony with the laws of nature.

Vastu Shastra takes care of every aspect of building a house and we can have a clear idea about all the things you need to take care of by following Vastu Shastra.

The Vedas reveal a number of laws which are scientifically proven to be true. In their works, they have described the exact movements and thoughts which are necessary in order to have a beautiful and successful life.

The Vastu Shastra mentions the structure of a house in the exact same way. These are the all the laws mentioned in this ancient text, which are definitely considered one of the best pieces of information for the regular Indians. Some of the notable things which you need to take care of in designing your home according to the Vastu Shastra include:

• The layout of the home

• The centre of gravity

• The number of doors in the house

• The size and shape of the house

• The inclination of the body in different

Now you must be thinking, why is Vastu important for your home?

Vastu is not a superstition, it is a science of improving your way of life.  It is the spiritual understanding of how to live in balance with the nature’s five elements that give you a good and positive living experience.

It plays a major role in the interiors of a home. The way the interiors are designed and placed can have a good or bad impact on the people. It is the Vastu arrangements that can allow positive energies to flow inside the house and also helps in eliminating the negative ones.

Improved finances: Correct Vastu arrangements in the house, keeping in mind all the Vastu principles can bring in massive monetary flow in the house, showering you with wealth. With the right application of Vastu principles and elements in your home interiors, you can see a lot of success and financial growth. Keep your money, jewellery, lockers in the south-west corner of your house to witness financial stability.

Happiness in abundance: If you follow the Vastu principles and apply them correctly in your interiors, you can say goodbye to your troubles and miseries and welcome happiness in your life in abundance. The placement of rooms and furniture in the right direction allows positive energies to flow through the house. For example, placing your Mandir in the north-east corner of the house is considered very good.

Healthier relationships: The elements of Vastu—fire, water, earth, air, and space together form cosmic energies that help in keeping the relationships in the home strong and healthy. It acts like a neutralizing factor against every negative element causing trouble for the relationships. Keep clutter out of your home to let these energies flow for better relationship bonds.

Brings satisfaction: The correct application of Vastu principles brings inner peace and leads to a satisfied mind and heart. Among all the corners of the house, the north-east corner is where most of the positive energies are. Practice meditation or perform prayers in the area to gain inner peace.

What to avoid:

a) Sleeping in North direction

b) Dim or low lights

c) Facing the mirror while sleeping

d) North-east corner dirty or messy

e) Furniture or tiles that are black in colour

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