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Tips for designing bedroom by the designer shabad interiors.

Interiors is all about Physcology and Passion

Today in the hustle of our busy lives, we are faced with various forms of stress that ultimately wind up invading our personal spaces too.

Your home is where you relax, feel comfortable and get recharged to face each new day.

How you design your home is basically your physiology, how you perceive things.

For someone, white is a natural and soothing color, while for others white is a very basic color and doesn’t create any interest.

This kind of people opts for dark and bright colors. Ultimately, no one is wrong. Everyone has their own choice.

The role of the interior designer is to inculcate the interior designs keeping in mind the thought process of the client, his personality and lifestyle.

Ultimately who is going to use that space?

Your bedroom is the place you retire to at the end of each day and it’s also where you begin your day.

So making it a cushion of rest and relaxation that calms you after a long day, as well as revitalizes you to face the challenges of your day, is exactly what you need.

There are endless ways to achieve this and we have outlined the basics and other tips to start you off in the right direction.

  1. Outside View- This is the most important point while designing a new bedroom or refurbishing the old one. One feels great when you wake up in the morning and natural light comes into the room. Open space gives a feeling of freshness in the morning.
  2. Cut the Clutter: Look around your room and look for unused things. These unused things create clutter and leave a negative impact on the mind. To create peace in your mind it’s important to de-clutter the room and remove these unwanted articles which you have not used in the past. Organize your room in such a way that no unnecessary article should be seen around. Just the basic stuff and some artifacts to decorate your room will do.
  3. Colour Combination: Give a deep thought for the color combinations that you like. Look into your surroundings to see the color combination that you see around. Very carefully choose the right color for your room. Going with a neutral palette is always an excellent choice, but you can also opt for dark shades as per your liking. With neutral colors, choice of linens and drapes is much easier. But it is always best to mix and match. You can choose to experiment with different colors, patterns, textures, and designs. The fusion of dark colors, patterns, and different textures will give your space a classy and vintage look. The trends which used to be a famous decade ago are coming back and with your creativity, you can have a fusion of vintage and modern.
  4. You Can Make Your Room More Private: Make sure the door of the bedroom is not visible from the living room or family room. This will give a lot of comfort to the user.
  5. Proper Circulation Space: The bedroom should have proper moving space. These days it is a challenge, as the rooms have door to go to the balcony and a door to the toilet, which makes a total of 3 doors in a room. So in such a case, there should be proper circulation space.
  6. Make Your room cozy: The ambiance of your bedroom should always be such that it naturally allows growing spiritually. Make sure your bedroom doesn’t smell. You can introduce some fragrance to your room. Depending on your choice use some fragrance in your room so that when you enter your room you will love to be there.
  7. No tech zone- Today in this busy world, we spend the whole day at work and spend a lot of time on computers and phones. So when we come home and relax we should spend time with our family and make our bedroom completely no-tech zone. Using Mobile phones at night has harmful effects on your health. The cell phones pump out electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on which can lead to several sleep disorders and in some cases may lead to depression.
  8. Lighting- There should be proper lighting in the room so that one feels comfortable when you get in the room. Different lights can be used for different moods. For the study, you need a bright white light. But when you go to bed diffused light should be used. To create romance, yellow dim lights can be used. This way one can play with lights for different moods.

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