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SHABAD INTERIORS, established in 2001 is a multidiscipline Interior Designing firm founded on a commitment to client service and quality design. We have wide range of unique Ideas that suit every taste & every budget. We empathies our clients with our expertise, efforts & well equipped team of Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, Painters, Upholsters, Site Supervisors etc. Subsequently Client’s time is saved that leads to lots of business Savings to our clients with mutual benefits. We have also made our mark in good books of Celebrities like MIKA SINGH, DALER MEHENDI . Our work reflect Qualities that matter for you .
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  • What is interior design and how best interior designing firm works ?
    The dictionary meaning of interior design “The design and coordination of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office, or any structural space, including color schemes, fittings, furnishings, and sometimes architectural features.” So, Interior designing is designing your space in the most efficient manner by the experts who possess complete knowledge, study and experience to do the required task .Interior design firm gives all the look and feel to your space. How comfortable and how you want your space to be. The profession of interior design has been a consequence of the development of society and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes. The pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design profession. The profession of interior design is separate and distinct from the role of interior decorator. Decoration is the beautifying or furnishing of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. Whereas interior designer will decorate the entire space from the scratch. Interior designers work on theme basis and will do the complete space from the scratch. The scope of interior designer includes, flooring, pop, paint, bathroom designing, bedroom designs, wardrobe designs, electrical, plumbing, modular kitchen, designer beds, lcd cabinets. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design. These are the following aspects that interior designer takes into consideration before they start designing: Space is the most important aspect of interior design. Space creation and utilisation is one major aspect for which people hire an interior designer, who has an expertise. Space is basically 2D and 3D. Two -D space includes length and width, which covers the floor and Three D Space includes length, width and height and forms the living space. There are two kinds of space Positive space and negative space. A positive space is a space which is filled with furniture and other items whereas negative space is which is left empty. A balance has to be maintained between the positive space and negative space. Even if all the other factors are fulfilled from the aspect of interiors, and there is overcrowding of furniture in the home it will affect the balance. If the space is planned well, it can do wonders. Color is a powerful design tool in decoration, as well as in interior design, which is the art of composing and coordinating colors together to create a stylish scheme on the interior architecture of the space. Colour can be chosen as per the psychology of a person. Red colour is good for dining rooms, while green can be used in bedrooms.The colour is broadly classified into primary colors and secondary colors. Light plays yet another important role in interior of the space. Be it natural or man-made. Without proper lighting all the other aspects of interior will not stand out. Different types of lights can be used such as table lamps or bed side lamps for a specific purpose. Different colours of lights can be used for setting the mood of a person. At times, we use light for highlighting a particular picture like spot lights. Texture is mainly used for surfaces – how a particular surface will look and how to feel it. It adds depth to a surface and make it look different. It gives a special effect to the overall look of a space. TO avoid monotony of single colours, contrast textures can be used. Pattern is one thing where the creativity on interior designer comes in. It adds life to the interior design. It can be of any shape or size. Patterns are used on wall paints or any decorative surface. Lines defines shapes and play an important role in interior space. Lines are of 3 types- Horizontal, vertical and dynamic. Horizontal lines refers to structures like beds, tables chairs etc. Vertical lines refers to wardrobes, doors windows etc. Dynamic lines can be seen on stairs. An interior designer should know how to use these lines.
  • Designers Will Help Redo your space Hassel Free. Role of interior designer
    An interior designer will remodel a space to make it both functional and attractive, while taking into consideration the client’s needs and budget. They will take an ordinary room and make it into a designer one. The look and feel of your space that you always wanted can be achieved with the help of interior designer. An interior designer is there to ease the process of renovating the space with professional touch. The main duty of an interior designer is to check that all the process are in coordination with each other to ensure the timely delivery of the project and high class quality be maintened.The interior designer before starting the project will showcase different designs of a particular room. The client then chooses the best design according to the budget and his own choice. The designer’s job is to implement the project well in time in the client’s budget. These days there is dirth of products when you go to the market to select anything. So interior designers, plays an important role in selecting colors, lighting, flooring, materials and decorative items like handicrafts, curtains etc. Selecting right products within your budget is very crucial thing. Since the interior designer have the huge exposure of products, he or she can ease in the process of selection. An interior designer’s role is to sell advice. that advice must be qualified and independently measured. Inaccurate advice will incur cost, delay and risk to the consumer which will impact on the designer and their suppliers, causing industry complaints and bad reputation. A designer must possess knowledge of a multitude of skills. From technical knowledge to costing, the skills of a designer must be fit for purpose, function and on budget for the consumer as well as meet the desired aesthetic on time. Interior designers operate in all the sectors, be it commercial, residential or office. Be it any space an interior designer should possess the expertise to convert it into a designer one.
  • How to make a decision to choose Interior Designer?
    The best way to find a designer is online sources. Meet with different designers, talk to them to check about their knowledge of the interior designs. Visit their office 2-3 times before making final decision. Visit their website and see their testimonials to see their previous client’s experience. Top Interior Designer in Delhi/Ncr. Shabad Interiors is complete interior design firm which provides total interior design solution with a focus on creating distinctive space. We provide designs of High-Quality with value for money. Shabad interiors is the best interior designer in Delhi providing interior services all over India. We are also the designer and manufacturers of designer furniture with high class finish. Shabad Interiors is the interior designer in Noida. We are also interior designers in Bangalore. We are also interior designers in Gurgaon. We are also interior designers in Pune. We are also interior designers in Hyderabad. Shabad Interior provide services like home interiors, office interiors, corporate interiors, showroom interiors, retail interiors, salon interiors, spa interiors, farmhouse interiors, apartment interiors, banquet hall interior, restaurant interior, café interior, flat interiors, villa interiors, designer furniture manufacturers, furniture designers. We supply designer furniture with high quality and finish all over India. We are a team of passionate designers who are very passionate for interiors and take every project professionally. When it comes to Design we consistently deliver Ideas that really are unique like dreams. To bring them alive we at SHABAD INTERIORS, work, with our expertise in Interiors Design & Execution of nineteen years.(since year 2000). The main scope of work at Shabad Interiors involves creating functional space and make it look attractive with the use of colour, lights and choice of unique materials. We have wide range of Unique Ideas that suit every taste & every budget. We empathies our clients with our expertise, efforts & well equipped team of Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, Painters, Upholsters, Site Supervisors etc. Subsequently Client’s time is saved that leads to lots of business Savings to our clients with mutual benefits. SHABAD INTERIORS firmly believes in going for the Quality at one go instead of going on complaint calls for petty issues afterwards. That is the reason why we use all Quality, reputed & tested products to render our clients full Safety, Security, Peace of Mind & Long lasting quality life. We have also made our mark in good books of Celebrities like MIKA SINGH, DALER MEHENDI by developing their worldwide exposures into their Farm houses. Our Products reflect the same alike Qualities that suit the Celebrities. We are also known as celebrity interior designer or farmhouse interior designer.
  • For the Visible & Invisible Needs.
    Site demands lots of Time & Efforts. SHABAD INTERIORS eases their clients with their team, efforts & expertise So Client’s, ” Time saved is Time earned + own uninterrupted time from own businesses/jobs = Savings. Inexperience in any stream leads to lots of time & cost of testing & sampling none the less, doubts of finishing, remains. SHABAD INTERIORS are already experts in implementing the designs in one single go. So “Money saved is money earned + own uninterrupted time from own jobs/business profits = Savings. Long Lasting Designs & Quality saves further quality hassles. Convenience & Peace of Mind. Reliability & Dependability.
    Shabad Interiors provides two types of services-Consultancy services and Turnkey Services. In Consultancy services, we understand the needs and requirements of clients and start with the designing process after taking in actual measurement. We make different layouts and discuss with the client. Once the layout is finalised we start with the 3d designing of the project, as per the budget of the client. Thereafter, we provide the set of designs along with 3ds to the client. In Turnkey Projects, after the above process is complete, we start with the actual implementation of the project. We are well equipped with the expert team of craftsmen, artisans and on-site supervisors to take care of the project. We start implementation as per the designs and drawings discussed with the client. As everything is discussed in advance, we take care of the project with great care of quality of each and every product with the help of site supervisors who are there to coordinate all the activities. They are there to provide all the material on time to speed up the process and thus avoid unnecessary delays in the project. Our supervisors are backed with our office team who make sure all the drawings are well explained and handed over to different craftsmen well in advance. We also have project management software, which helps to speed up the process and keep the whole project organised. . In the field of interiors, there are many small activities involved. So coordination of all these small activities is a big task. Our team takes care of this task very professionally with the experience of over several years and make the project a success. Our study says at least 25% client’s time & money is saved when SHABAD INTERIORS commences the job. A common man usually thinks that making a house or office is not a great job, we can do all by ourselves. Of course, anyone can do it, but the difference is of exposure, experience and working with the well-organized team of executioners & designers. One needs a team of masons, carpenters, electricians, painters, supervisors and so forth… the list is unlimited, (as it is a team work). Moreover, in today’s world where everyone is a specialist of his own stream not other’s. On top of it there is so much exposure of new products, which one to choose is a tough choice. This is where we SHABAD INTERIORS step in with her expertise to ease their clients in every aspect. The SHABAD INTERIORS team consist of professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experience. To name a few there are: Owner-to check the coordination between all the team members and ensure that project is cost effective and organized appropriately. Interior designers -who will design the project as per the requirements and choice. 3D Artists, will show you the real feel of your house or office before it is made. Contractors, will actually implement the work. Supervisors to keep the check on the contractors for the quality and availability of materials.(a big job). Support staff for Accounts & Admin- to keep the check of the payments made by the clients & to the contractors for timely completion of the work. Each team is focused on achieving excellence in their field of operations ending up at least 25% savings for the clients with mutual benefits. Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.